Find your own voice in Magic

Campus Magico Academy is the three-month online program specialized in all fields of performance that magicians tend to ignore.


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Find your own voice
in Magic

Campus Magico Academy
The three-month online adventure to master the performance aspects that make magic an art

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What is Campus Magico Academy?

We follow your development

Weekly Training

Every discipline (juggling, bodybuilding, learning a language…) requires constant focus rather than occasional training sessions.

We will follow your development and enhance your understanding of intermediate to advanced performing skills.

  • Body consciousness
  • Scripting techniques
  • Body consciousness
  • Scripting techniques
  • Artistic intentions
  • Sistemic approach to performing
  • Artistic intentions
  • Systemic approach to performing

Learn at your own speed

Online Video Library

  • New lessons will be unlocked every week which can be accessed in your account.
  • The lessons, the provided exercises as well as the videos can be submitted.

Exclusive Masterclasses

With VERY special Guests

We believe in excellence and group collaboration.

That’s why several top magicians, dancers, film directors, will join us to discuss the most useful ideas from their fields to bring them to our world of Magic.

Both in-depth recorded interviews and live talks from all of them.
Not a standard lecture but just the golden nuggets that we specifically asked them for!

Stephan Kirschbaum

An incredible experience!
But be careful! 
Campus Magico may change your life!

Fernando Figueras and his team will inspire you with their outstanding knowledge of the ancient art of Magic with very modern thinking.
I love it and I love them.

Philo Kotnik

It was a complete life changer.

They helped me to think in new ways: emotions, feelings, techniques..!

Fernando pushed me and my routines to a new level.
The reaction and my satisfaction both in close-up and stage grew a lot.
Great teachers that became great friends!

Miguel Muñoz​

FISM Winner 2018

FISM winner, Tim Burton’s muse, restless creator and dad-jokes teller. Besides having performed in almost every magic gala and festival worldwide Miguel’s performing career also involves touring with some of the most prestigious theatre companies in the world like DV8 or NoFit State.

  • Magical ideas
  • Magical journey
  • Symbolism
  • Magic as language.
  • Metaphors in magic
  • Magic as Metaphor
  •  Luis Garcia, father of expression in magic and meaningful magic.
  • Rite of passage –  Analysis.
  • Agua (FISM act) – analysis
  • What is an action?
  • You are what you do!
  • Unifying Vernon and Robert Houdin visions of the character.
  • Being vs. doing.
  • Magical actions
  • Phenomenon through actions.
  • Doing vs explaining.
  • Describing through magical actions
  • Dramatic magic.
  • Conflict as a motor for actions.
  • Types of conflicts in magic.
  • Psychological actions.
  • Internal monologue and subtext.
  • Physical Actions.
  • Textures
  • Rhythms.
  • Actions in space
  • The importance and purposes
  • Different forms of warming up
  • Breathing techniques
  • Actions: throwing, lifting, holding, pulling, dragging, pushing
  • Projecting the voice
  • Sound / body exercises
  • Character warm-ups
  • Text memorization
  • Pointers for doing impros
  • Rules for working with audience members
  • Gibberish stories with random objects
  • Improvised Storytelling
  • Many group exercises
  • Monologue
  • Why Commedia dell’Arte
  • The Mask and the Gesture
  • The characters
  • The Lovers
  • Pantalone
  • Il Dottore and Colombina
  • Il Capitano (horse) and Pulcinella
  • Arlecchino (Harlequin – cat and monkey)
  • Why Clown?
  • History of the Clown
  • The Clown’s nose
  • Clowns and hunger
  • Clowns and the audience
  • Clowns and failure
    • Chaplin
    • Keaton
    • Jerry Lewis

Paul Adkin

Honesty in the movement

Álvaro Collar, PhD

Doctor in Information Sciences

Awarded film director, writer of movie scripts and teacher/lecturer in universities in several countries.
Specialist on environmental storytelling and video-games scripting.
No better way to understand how to dosage information.

  • Introduction to Story

  • Narrative Structures

  • Art and Craft of Storytelling

    • Methods of Creativity

    • Defining the Spine & Writing the Synopsis

    • Creating Characters

    • Setting Descriptions

    • Worldbuilding

  • Interactive Narratives

  • Environmental Storytelling

  • Introduction to Transmedia Storytelling

  • Building a Storyworld

  • Transmedia Engagement  

  • How to keep a file of ideas
  • How to discover and distil ideas
  • Classification of ideas
  • Understanding how the work leads to the idea and how not to deviate
  • How to evaluate a premise by building the effect and the presentation
  • How to set out the keys to the direction (the objective)
  • Detecting the important and less important information
  • Ethos, Pathos and Logos as analysis of Magician, Play and Act

  • Creating a notebook of strengths and weaknesses and how to use your knowledge of the subject
  • Immersion in magic and playful games
  • How ot manage the development of a game in terms of coherence, breaking the immersion, detecting problems, freedom management…

Ricardo Sánchez

The deepest thoughts for the cleanest magic

Fernando Figueras

Sharing Passion

Passionate, analytical, restless and exhaustive.
His projects are always focused on improving the individual and the community.

“The tricks are just the tool of your Magic”.

Content coming soon...

...stay tuned!

Content coming soon...

...stay tuned!

Mario López

FISM Winner 2015

Mario Lopez is one of the most creative Magicians of his era. He is much stronger with silence, than we are with words, so…

Jan Sommer

Do you know the sensation when a pond is deeper than you thought?
Well, then Campus is like the f*cking ocean!!

To me, it represents the deepest form of understanding magic.

It was like rediscovering magic again. I learnt things I never even thought. And you will too!

Jose Castiñeiras

I was able to meet myself.

A great process of introspection.

It helped me to understand who do I believe I am and why I act in life and stage the way I do.

Online group training activities

The group will meet regularly to train and expand the content to optimise the acquisition of knowledge.

See yourself grow

You will notice your improvement every week.

The combination of masterclasses and exercises provides perfect support to improve your magic.

Versatility is the Key

We will focus on all those topics that the experts always say you should master, but don’t tell you how.

Topics such as: Movement, Meaning, Dramaturgy, Scripting…

One on one video feedback

You will submit the exercises and will receive feedback every week to maximise the learning curve.

Always available

We will be available for consultation over the week.

FAQ with text and video answers

The common questions will be addressed and answered in the FAQ section of our site.

Florian Brooks

You won’t come out of this like a copy of another magician, you come out of it as a better version of yourself. 
It was part of a huge shift in both understanding and performing magic.

Though there are some exercises to teach concepts, nobody comes out of this resembling anyone else.

Shaped my own understanding of my magic, and cleared the path for me.

Douwe Swierstra

For me, Campus Magico was an experience full of inspiration and food for thought broadening my magic horizon.

It is a unique approach, very high-quality tuition and training.

Campus Magico made me thoroughly analyse the way I present my magic.

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